Tuesday, December 1, 2015


What is the most favourite inventions for these people?

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 What is the least favourite inventions for these people?

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Shared Google doc about inventors

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Branches of the science

acarologystudy of mites
accidencegrammar book; science of inflections in grammar
acologystudy of medical remedies
acousticsscience of sound
adenologystudy of glands
aedoeologyscience of generative organs
aerobiologystudy of airborne organisms
aerodoneticsscience or study of gliding
aerodynamicsdynamics of gases; science of movement in a flow of air or gas
aerolithologystudy of aerolites; meteorites
aerologystudy of the atmosphere
aeronauticsstudy of navigation through air or space
aerophilatelycollecting of air-mail stamps
aerostaticsscience of air pressure; art of ballooning

Inventors of the world PPT

Gallileo Galiley

Albert Einstein

-ed pronunciation

1. Invent - Invented [id]
2.      Create - created [id]
3.      Develop - developed [t]
4.      Found - founded [id]
5.      Investigate- investigated [id]
6.      Construct - constructed [id]
7.      Launch - launched [t]
8.      Repair - repaired [d]
9.      Plug in - plugged in [d]
10.    Unplug- unplugged [d]
11.    Discover - discovered [d]
12.    Change - changed [d]
13.    Use - used [d]
14.    Make - made - made -  irregular verb
15.    Design - designed [d]
16.    Explore - explored [d]
17.    Observe - observed [d]
18.  Build - built - built - irregular verb

Map of the world


Teacher of the year 2016

This blog is created for the lesson in the 9th class of Hadiach Gymnasia.

Three teachers will conduct lessons during the participation of the contest "Teacher of the year 2016"

The topic of the lesson is: Science and technical progress. Famous scientists.